Hilda Kalyoncu
pain — data visualisation
Emotions have a high impact. There is often a correlation between the body and the mind, especially by negative emotions like pain.
one—week project | 6th semester (2018/2019)
supervised by Anna Wiederkehr
Pain is an unique feeling. Everybody experiences pain differently. Physical pain can go along with mental pain. And vice versa. But how strong do people feel the influence and effect of these two pains at each other?
The visualisation shows the two types of pain and their impact on each other.
An anonymous survey in the course about the last felt physical and psychological pain build the database of the project. The survey includes questions like the intensity and duration of the pain, trigger points, and other caused emotions. The triangle shape allows for easy comparison. The sharp edges form a metaphor for pain, which gains or loses control through stretching or compression. The bright colors represent the intensity of the pain.