Hilda Kalyoncu
openMoji — openSource project
OpenMoji is a universal open—source icon system that covers a wide variety of topics.
with the OpenMoji Team | 4th semester (2017/2018)
supervised by Prof. Benedikt Groß and Prof. Daniel Utz
A Selection of the created emojis — Johanna Wellnitz, Marius Schnabel, Martin Wehl, Miriam Vollmeier, Lisa Thiel and Laura Humpfer.
The icon system has usage of in different fields, for example, application design or text messaging. Influences of the participants formed the structure and course of this project. The development stage was used to get a feeling for icon series. It also created the baseline for the design guidelines. All participants influences where considered. Teams handled the typical tasks of an open—source project. Every participant had to create emojis for a subject area.
The final result is several thousand emojis for a wide range of applications. For more information, visit the OpenMoji.org!