Between the age 18 and 25, people tend to be involved in a car accident. Reasons why these seven years are susceptible to accidents are for example driving with excessive speed, misunderstanding of distances between cars and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
Most of these accidents take place during the night time, especially driving home from a night out.
The road safety project „fiftyFifty - Taxi App“ wants to provide these typical mistakes from novice drivers. On weekends and public holidays, people under 25, have to pay the half of the taxi drive. Sponsors and local companies finance the refund of the taxi drive.


The main function is to order an taxi as fast as possible, which is actually not the case. A confusing navigation, cumbersome typing of driving details and the lack of fault tolerance make it difficult to use the app.

The redesign should guarantee a optimized usability of the app with a corresponding visual appearance.

With different types of design-methods, the pros and cons of the existing app have been worked out. Interviews generated special insights . A look to the competition showed which function can be added or expanded. With this information, personas and user stories could be generated, which helped redefining functions and adding features, that help making the taxi - drive more safe and the app more usable.


To optimize to usage of the app a new navigation system of the app had to be designed. All relevant functions, that lead to a successful order, are placed on the home screen.

Through the menu the user has access to functions like stowed taxi drives or favorite.



With Push - notifications (ordering had been successful, timer when the taxi arrives, route - navigation etc.) we wanted to create a „safer space“ for the user.

push Notification

(Push-Notification - Taxi has arrived)


The time where the app can be used is between 10 pm and 6 am which is why we decided to go with a dark blue theme because dark colors are sparing the eyes. To highlight the important parts like buttons or icons, we choosed a bright blue turquoise which harmonizes with the other blue tones.




(a selection of icons that we used)

The font we used for the context as well as for the heading is the “Avenir Next“ in the typefaces regular and bold. Through capitalizing the labeling (e.g. buttons or heading) and different font-sizes , a clear hierarchy could be setted.

ordering Prozess

(ordering prozess)


(taxis in the nearer area)


Vanessa Boutzidoudi

Hilda Kalyoncu


Application Design

3rd Semester

lectured by Bernadette Ritter